Photography by Pete Shulver

About me.

Welcome to my website.

It contains a varied selection of some of my work .I have been interested in photography since before I can remember and taught myself to develop and print my own photographs while at school way back in the late 60's .I started like most people with a compact camera then moved on to a basic 35mm and then to an SLR .I still lugg the SLR's around as I have not yet found a decent all round compact camera that lets you have manual control over your shooting and also have an optical viewfinder. To me holding a camera at arms length and struggling to see a dim screen viewfinder is not good photographic practice!

My real love is Black & White photography as I believe is captures the real essence of the character of people and places .

I only use digital equipment  these days which consists of a  Nikon D300 and a recently purchased Nikon D600 but exchanged for a D 750 which is a great improvement  for full format supported by Nikon, and some Sigma lens's just to keep the price down.

I have a portable studio with 2 Elinchrom D-lite flash units and soft boxes. It is small enough to produce studio type shots in a home environment .Most of the portrait images in the gallery were taken using setup.

I hope you will give some time to look at the images and please feel free to give constructive comments on my work.

My other interests are Amateur Radio(G8TXK) . Hill walking and Food(cooking and eating it)and baking my own Sourdough bread, not to forget the Wine of course!

Best wishes and enjoy your photography

Pete Shulver

Welcome to a collection of some of my best photographs